HLS Cottage School

Highlands Latin School's homeschool program is available in both Fort Collins and Loveland.  This support program meets one or two days per week  for 34 weeks.

Instruction is provided in the classroom, where teachers instruct, lead discussions, facilitate reading, recitation and presentations.  Parents provide homework help, individual assistance and depth throughout the week. Parents are not required to attend the homeschool days, but are welcome to volunteer or sit in on classes. 

Class sizes are kept to a minimum to increase participation, and ensure a high level of attention is granted each student.  Lessons are incremental, content is age-appropriate, and students learn the important skill of quality written work completed in a timely manner. Students will benefit from classroom accountability, peer encouragement and  academic interaction. Parents will benefit from the academic support provided by the teachers, 

We look forward to meeting your family.

Course Offerings

Primary School | Grades K-2

Phonics, handwriting, memory work, literature, poetry, music and art study, science, social studies (Cursive and spelling are added in first grade, Latin is added in second grade).


Grades 3-6


Latina Christiana
First Form Latin
Second Form Latin
Third Form Latin

Fourth Form Latin

Classical Studies

Greek Myths & Timeline
Famous Men of Rome  
Famous Men of the Middle Ages
Famous Men of Greece  2021-2022

History (Biblioplan)

Early Modern
Modern 2021-2022

English Literature

Our literature classes serve to pass on the ideals and values of our civilization.  Through choice literature by great authors, and good poetry students learn to love good and hate bad, as we discuss the virtues and vices of characters and the consequences of their choices.  


All Things Fun & Fascinating
Comp I Fable 
Comp II Narrative
Comp III Chreia & Maxim

Comp IV Refutation & Confirmation

Elementary Science

Mammals and History of Medicine

Insects and Birds

Trees and Intro to Biology 

Astronomy, Earth and Space 2021-2022

Art and Music

Upper / High School


Henle Latin I

Henle Latin II

French I


Level I: Covers Narrative, Chreia & Maxim, Refutation & Confirmation

Level II: Covers Common Topic and Encomium Invective & Comparison

Level III: Characterization and Description

Level IV: Thesis & Law

High School Science + Lab

Introductory Physics

General Biology 

General Chemistry 2021-2022

Anatomy, Physiology and Neuroscience


Traditional Logic I 2021-2022

Traditional Logic II

Material Logic

Classical Rhetoric

Christian Studies

The Story of Christianity 

The Wars of the Jews 2021-2022

Acts of the Apostles

History of the Early Church

Dual Enrollment

Our high school students have an opportunity to participate in our dual enrolment program.  Students may earn college credits by taking online college courses with college professors and can even work towards graduating high school with an associates degree.