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Homeschool Hybrid

George Muller Academy:    Homeschool Hybrid

The hybrid program at George Muller Academy meets 2 days a week, teaching, training, and raising up the future of this country with wisdom and virtue.  

Drop-off, or stay and serve; our K-HS program in West Loveland is here to assist you in providing your child with a good and Godly education. 

Students in our hybrid program benefit from in-class instruction, class discussions, presentations and projects 2 days per week. Our small class sizes allow teachers to be invested in each student, helping them thrive.  Homework is assigned throughout the week to allow for guided independent study.  Parents appreciate the encouraging atmosphere, accountability and healthy competition the program provides.

We strongly believe that a classical, Godly education is far superior to what is offered in the public schools of today; we feel this should be available to every child regardless of their families' financial situation.  We offer numerous scholarships and discounts, and God has blessed us with the ability to support families in need, so please do not choose against GMA for financial reasons. 


Reach out to us to discuss how we can help you make attending GMA a reality.


phone:  (970)282-3814

Homeschool Hybrid Program

k-2nd grade  Mondays and Wednesdays 8:00am - 12:00pm

3rd-12th grade  Mondays and Wednesdays  8:00am - 2:30pm 


Classes may be taken a la carte.  


Please contact us to discuss tuition.  

GMA accepts barter or in-kind trade.


Reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic are the foundation upon which learning is built.  These critical first years are spent teaching the basic skills, work habits and attitudes for a successful educational experience.  


Academic and social skills are reinforced in later elementary years through scripture memory, reading good books, submitting quality written work, arithmetic speed and accuracy and appropriate interactions with peers and adults. 

Middle School

Middle school students undertake the challenge of working towards mastery and excellence in all they do.  Learning to embrace new and difficult tasks, finding satisfaction in stretching their own abilities.  Moving beyond memorization, they discuss how to search for truth, discern between fact and opinion, learn common logical fallacies and what makes a good question.  

The focus in these years is helping students to communicate what they know and why they believe it.  

High School

At GMA we strive to make our mastery learning restful, memorable, pertinent and permanent.  Our small class sizes allow our high school students to receive personalized attention and experience many opportunities to lead Socratic discussions, and gain confidence in their ability to communicate their opinions, how to respond to questions. and how to persuade others.

In addition to our academics, students have opportunities to participate in Youth in Government, Mock Trial, mentorship, and outreach, enabling them to use their wisdom and gifts in service, for the glory of Christ.

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