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GMA loosely adheres to the Classical education model.  We  follow a three-part process of training the mind. 

1. The foundation is laid in the early years through absorbing facts, memorizing scripture and learning the basic building blocks for more advanced study. 

2. In the middle grades, students learn how to analyze and think through arguments.  They explore relationships between different fields of study and the Christian worldview.  Students learn to address "why" questions, rather than just "what."

3. Learning to express one's own opinions is the focus of the high school years.  Through the practice of logic and rhetoric, students develop the skills of communicating their ideas through writing and speaking.  

The Christian worldview is discussed and supported throughout all endeavors.  We strive to equip our students to be able to stand without faltering in the presence of opposition, being confident in their beliefs and able to provide well founded answers.


GMA provides instruction in the following academic subjects: English grammar, reading, phonics and spelling, writing, foreign language, science, history, logic and math tutoring.  Each year we also offer a selection of elective/enrichment classes like art, PE, theater, government & mock trial. We utilize several excellent curriculum resources including Memoria Press, MasterBooks, Easy Grammar, Abeka, Classical Academic Press and ICR.  If you would like a more detailed scope and sequence, please contact us.  

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