Why Choose Highlands Latin School

Education alone is not the solution to the world’s problems. An education does not necessarily make students good.  The goal of a classical education is to form the mind and character of the student so that he will use the power of knowledge for good ends.


  • HLS rejects Common Core

  • Instruction does not leave out the foundational first things of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

  • Reading is taught using phonics

  • Students are systematically taught the stages of learning, and how to learn rather than what to learn.

  • Students work towards mastery of a comprehensive curriculum instead of taught  to tests based on the broad state standards.

  • Students are taught the methods, practice and history of science rather than an unbalanced focus on current hot topics.

  • The use of technology is kept to a minimum.  Students will learn how to type and will submit several typed final drafts throughout the year starting in 4th grade.  

  • We believe sex education to be the responsibility of the parents and do not include this in the curriculum.  The official HLS stance is to promote abstinence, and should the topic arise in upper grades our teachers will advocate for abstinence.

  • The Christian world view serves as the great thread that weaves all learning, wisdom and virtue together.


  • Small Class Size: Class sizes are kept to a minimum to increase participation, and ensure a high level of attention is granted each student.

  • Quality teachers who obtain and retain their positions based on merit.

  • Character and Virtue are discussed and esteemed so a student will learn "what to do", rather than a more vocational approach of "how to do."

  • We strive to form the mind and character of the student to follow the example of Jesus Christ, the hero and savior of mankind, to practice the seven cardinal virtues, and to avoid the seven deadly sins.

  • Our schedule allows for parents to spend more time with their young children and for students to have more time to pursue interests/hobbies outside of the classroom.

  • Uniforms provide students with a sense of focus and purpose at school and serve as a great equalizer among students.


  • Students using this curriculum have a firm foundation in who they are, who God is, and what it is to be a virtuous person.

  • Students using this curriculum tend to perform above grade level on ITBS, ACT & SAT

  • Students using this curriculum go on to be accepted at top universities, such as Bellarmine, Boston College, Boston University, Dartmouth, Hillsdale, MIT, US Naval Academy, Notre Dame, Princeton, Purdue, St. John’s, University of Michigan, UPenn, Vanderbilt, and West Point