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The House System


The House system is a traditional fixture of many British schools.  There have been numerous benefits schools have traditionally seen in using this system.  In implementing the house system,  Highlands Latin School Fort Collins hopes to achieve a number of goals that have proved challenging for many schools.  The house system will be designed to create a supportive and motivating environment as well as to encourage healthy accountability and competition between students.  With the house system we have an opportunity to infuse the benefits of a “one room school house” into our school, where younger students can learn from and look up to, and be inspired by older students, and where older students can learn to mentor, be a role model, and be encouraged by the younger.   The houses provide not only an increased feeling of identity and belonging, they also provide students with a sense of tradition and leadership opportunities.  Parents are required to attend one house event a quarter, and attendance at more events is always welcomed.  

Competition in the House System
At HLS Fort Collins, House points will be awarded based on the following four categories: academics, games, community service, and spirit. Academic competition is based on GPA. Games are similar to Olympic style competitions, and could include track and field, tee/baseball, archery, volleyball, and disc golf. Community service points will be based on member participation in service projects. Spirit will be based on students’ attitude, determined by students eagerly participating in class, school events and House activities with a kind and helpful attitude. The house system exists to provide a healthy level of competition and camaraderie among students.   Because of the competition and the identification of each student with a house, there is constant encouragement for students to do their best, providing both motivation and accountability.
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