Lower School (3rd-6th)

Upper School (7th-12th)

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  Students at HLS will experience our mastery approach to

learning with clearly defined directives, well-designed

materials, high quality content, and teacher-directed lessons. 

Lower school students in grades 3-6 are carefully prepared

for the reading of classic literature and history, and for

advanced math and science which begin in the Upper

School in grade 7.

High School

The distinguishing mark of the educated person is mastery of the English language in reading, writing, and speaking. Students will learn the steps to logically put together an argument, and gain the sills of presenting with reason and virtue to a variety of audiences.  These multifaceted skills require many years to reach a high level and are greatly enhanced by the study of Latin and Greek.  

Mathematics and Science programs are based on mastery oriented series of advanced mathematics and hard sciences complete with laboratory.

Students dive deep into the History of Western Civilization gaining a thorough understanding of the roots of our American Heritage.  We place a great value on the use of primary resources and students become familiar with speeches and writings from prominent historical figures while also reading the classic literature that reflected and shaped generations. 

The Christian worldview is discussed and supported throughout all endeavors.  We strive to equip our students to be able to stand without faltering in the presence of opposition, being confident in their beliefs and able to provide well founded answers.

Homework: All material is covered carefully in class. Students who are attentive and work diligently in class should have no more than 30-60 minutes of homework each night.

DUAL ENROLLMENT:  Our high school students have an opportunity to participate in our dual enrolment program.  Students may earn college credits by taking online college courses with college professors and can even work towards graduating high school with an associates degree.