Financial Aid

Academic Merit Scholarships - Students may apply for an Academic Merit Scholarship no later than February 1st of the year preceding the year they are seeking the scholarship for.  Up to two Merit Scholarships per grade will be awarded.  Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic performance,  school sprit, and an interview.  Merit Scholarship recipients will be required to provide 5-10 hours of school service over the coarse of the school year in which they receive the scholarship.
Need Based Assistance - A limited number of need based financial aid packages are awarded each year to families who apply early and meet the requirements.  Please contact the school directly for more information.
Sibling Discount - Siblings of HLS students receive a tuition discount
         2nd child - 10% off tuition
         3rd child - 15% off tuition
         Additional children - 20% off tuition
Military Discount - Children of veterans and active duty military receive a 30% discount on tuition. Thank you for your service!
Referral Discount - Families who recommend HLS to another family, resulting in a new enrollment, will receive a $100 discount on one tuition for both families. (does not apply to a la carte enrollment)
Founders Discount - Since HLS is a new school, we would like to offer parents of older students a special thank you for giving us a chance to earn your trust in the education of your children.  For 2020/2021, any student enrolling before May 31st in our 4 day program will receive the corresponding grade tuition discount.  This same discount will be available to them each year of enrollment in HLS after the founding year as well, to further show our gratitude. (Cannot be combined with other discounts)
7th through 9th grade: 20%
3rd through 6th grade: 15%