Dress Code

Dress Uniform (all shirts can be short or long sleeve): Required on Tuesdays, and for any school concerts or ceremonies.

Girls K-2nd

  • Plaid 3N Jumper 1078

  • White Peter Pan Blouse with Navy Piping

  • White Crew Socks or Tights

  • Solid Black or Brown Shoes/Boots

Girls 3rd-8th

  • Navy Kilt 6851

  • White Peter Pan Blouse

  • Gray Sweater Vest

  • Navy Floppy Tie

  • White Crew Socks or Tights

  • Solid Black or Brown Shoes/Boots

Boys K-8th

  • Gray Pants

  • White Oxford

  • Navy Sweater Vest

  • Leather Belt (Black or Brown)

  • White or Black Crew Socks

  • Solid Black or Brown Shoes/Boots


Casual Uniform (all shirts can be short or long sleeve): May be worn instead of dress uniforms when dress uniforms are not required.

Girls K-8th

  • Wine or White Polo with Logo

  • Navy or P91 Skort

  • Navy Slacks

  • Gray V-Neck Cardigan

  • Wine Fleece Jacket with Logo

  • Plaid or Leather Belt

Boys K-8th

  • Navy or White Polo with Logo

  • Gray Pants

  • Navy ¼ Zip Sweater

  • Navy Fleece Jacket with Logo

GENERAL   Clothing should be clean, well-fitting and not too tight, in good repair, and the proper length.  Shirts should be tucked in.  Plain white t-shirts or camisoles may be worn under shirts and blouses. Undershirts for girls should not be visible at the neckline.  Girls should wear minimal, simple jewelry. Stud earrings or small hoops, chains with a small pendant, and/or watch are acceptable.  Boys who wear a simple gold or silver chain, with or without a pendant, must keep it under their shirts.  Cloth, leather or plastic jewelry is not allowed.  Girl's hair should be neat and out of eyes.  Boys’ hair should be neatly groomed, off the face, and off the collar.  Hair should not be dyed in unnatural colors. Hair accessories may be gray, white, navy black, brown, wine, or plaid 91.  Conservative makeup may be worn by girls in grade 6 and up. Nail polish should be a traditional, conservative color, or clear. Girls’ skirts can be no shorter than 1” above the knee.  


Important Sale Dates: 20% off May 20th - 31st

Students should purchase their uniforms from Educational Outfitters either in person or online (http://denver.educationaloutfitters.com/find-my-school/highlands-latin-school/).

Educational Outfitters

8170 South University Blvd. Suite #250, Centennial, CO,