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At Highlands Latin School, it is our desire to teach, to delight, and to move our students to a life more rich in wisdom, virtue, and love. 

Classical education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through the study of the liberal arts and the Great Books. Latin, mathematics, and music are the basic and universal languages. They develop the intellectual powers of the mind as no other subjects can, enabling students to reach their full intellectual potential.  A careful reading of the classics, in the light of Christian faith, develops wisdom and virtue.  The Great Books are the means by which we pass on the cultural heritage of the Christian West. A mastery of both liberal arts and the Great Books is the best way to prepare a child for a life of wisdom and virtue,

This educational paradigm is currently being used in over 650 schools across the country. The success of students in these schools and homeschools demonstrates that the Highlands Latin Schools' approach to classical education works.

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