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A La Carte Classes       


Phonics / Reading (Explode the Code): M & W 10:20am-11:00am  $280/year

Elementary Grammar (K-3rd): M & W 8:10am-8:50am  $280/year

Elementary Grammar (4th): M & W 8:10am-8:50am  $280/year

Elementary Grammar (5th): M & W 9:30am-10:10am  $280/year

MS Grammar (6th): M & W 8:50am-9:30am  $280/year

MS Grammar (7th and 8th): M & W 8:10:20am-11:00am  $280/year

HS Grammar&Composition (9th-12th): M & W 1:10pm-1:50pm  $280/year

4th Grade Composition: M & W 9:30am-10:10am  $280/year

5th Grade Composition: M & W 8:10am-8:50am  $280/year

MS Composition: M & W 1:10pm-1:50pm  $280/year

HS Composition&Grammar: M & W 1:10pm-1:50pm  $280/year


5th Grade Logic (Fallacy Detectives): M & W 8:50am-9:30am  $280/year

MS Logic (Art of Argument): M & W 9:30am-10:10am  $280/year

HS Logic (Argument and Deduction): M & W 1:50pm-2:30pm  $280/year


K-3rd Grade Science (Heaven and Earth): M & W 9:30am-10:10am  $280/year

Elementary Science (Physical Science): M & W 11:00am-:11:30am  $230/year

MS Science (Intro to Physics): M & W 11:00am-:11:30am  $230/year

HS Science (Matter and Energy): M & W 10:20am-11:00am  $230/year


Elementary History (America's Story): M & W 1:10pm-1:50pm  $280/year

MS History (Medieval): M & W 12:30pm-1:10pm  $280/year

HS History (World History): M & W 12:30pm-1:10pm  $280/year

Foreign Language

Elementary Latin: M & W 12:00pm-12:30pm $230/year

MS Latin: M & W 11:30am-12:00pm $230/year

HS Spanish: M & W 11:00am-11:30am $230/year

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