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Latin The study of Latin lies at the core of a classical education. Latin begins in second grade and continues every year. Memorizing Latin grammar is a great challenge and thrill for students. The mastery of Latin grammar greatly enhances students’ English language skills and builds in them the kind of confidence that comes only from great achievement. Simply put, Latin develops the mind of the young student like no other subject. 
Latina Christiana (3rd - 4th)  9:00am

First Form Latin (4th - 6th)   9:45am

60 min / week  $190
Grammar and Composition Memoria Press’s composition program, Classical Composition, is based on the original classical method writing instruction called the προγυμνασμάτα (“progymnasmata”). It was the program that produced the likes of John Milton and William Shakespeare. The method involves learning fourteen compositional skills, organized from the simplest and most basic to the most complex and sophisticated.

Grammar 8:30am

Fable Stage (4th - 6th)  9:45am

Narrative Stage (5th – 6th)  9:00am

60 min / week   $190

English Literature An essential component in the development of superior language skills is the study of good literature, which provides models of correct English and excellence in writing. The ear and eye are trained by constant exposure to good English.
Students learn best by imitation. Our classroom reading selections are carefully chosen to increase in reading difficulty each year. Books are read slowly and thoroughly in class, accompanied by Memoria Press literature guides.

60 min / week  $190 

Classical Studies and American History:  Classical studies are the natural companion of Latin study. In classical studies, students study Greek mythology and Greco-Roman history and literature every year, gradually deepening in their knowledge and understanding. A good grounding in classical studies prepares students to read the classics of Greek, Roman, and English literature, as well as to study and understand the modern world. 

American history will be brought to life by reading exciting and well written books that taught a whole generation to love their nation's history as well as original documents that shaped America's founding.
Semester 1:  Greek Mythology or Famous Men of the Middle Ages,
Semester 2:  American History


45 min / week  $190
Music and Art Recent research has confirmed what educators have always known: music develops the mental abilities of students and increases academic performance. But music should not be studied for that reason, but rather because it is a universal language of enormous power. Children must be trained to discern and love the good, true, and beautiful in all of the arts, but especially in music.
Music and Art,


50 min / week   $190 

Science   Wonder and curiosity about the natural world lead to observation, classification, and ultimately to science and technology. It is best for the child to be led into the world of science through these same steps.  This detailed study, observation and classification leads to a mind prepared for science and technology.

Semester 1 Insects

Semester 2 Birds

Grades 3-6

Semester 2 Introduction to Neuroscience

Grades 7-8

 60 min / week  $190